Queenscliff Music Festival

On the second last weekend of November 2013, I was lucky enough to be selected as an artist to perform at Queenscliff Music Festival down in Victoria! As young at 16, I was always the girl in the front row of the mosh-pits every year with all my friends, dreaming, wishing, and hoping that one day I will be that lead singer on the big main stage…! So to be finally be that person on the stage was an amazing feeling for me, especially being able to performing my own music.

My first performance was on the Friday at the opening of the festival on one of the main stages. This performance was in front of 500 school children from around the area! Saturday saw me perform at Lombardies on Hesse and then Stoked on Hesse. Both of these performances where heaps of fun and I had full audiences as well which is always a great feeling. Sunday I performed at the Queenscliff Inn at lunch time and to see so many people stop and listen to me for the 40 minutes was very exciting for me! At the end I sold my EP Counting Waves and ended up running out of them (So sorry to everyone who missed out!)

Overall I had a great weekend performing on the smaller stages, and can’t wait to be an artist on the MAIN big stage!!

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