Geelong Cup 2013

Last Wednesday I performed the National Anthem for the first time at the one and only Geelong Cup! What an amazing experience this was for me!

I felt very lucky to have been chosen to represent Geelong for this event. If the whether wasn’t as bad, it would have been the most perfect day! Thankyou to everyone who was there to listen to be perform throughout the day as well, what fun! My sister Charlotte and I spent the day coming and going from the Colts and Fillies Marquee which was awesome!

Gee Geelong Cup

Gee Geelong Cup

One thought on “Geelong Cup 2013

  1. Wow your are amazing, I’m just a kid but I want to become a singer and be able to write me own songs when I get older. I’m going to audition for the voice kids next year I didn’t get time to this year but you are amazing!!!!!!!!!

    Saige fletcher

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